Home Health Care

Question: Why are your caregivers a better fit for me than others?
Answer: All of our caregivers have completed a very detailed screening and background checks. Every caregiver is bounded and insured. Further, the majority of our caregivers have advanced training and they have been oriented to our system of home health care and also oriented to the needs of our clients. We match our caregivers to you and your family bases on the skills needed and personality traits necessary for a good relationship. Our qualified and trustworthy caregivers put families at ease and relieve some of the pressure if consistently providing for a loved one.

Question: Are your services only for seniors?
Answer: No, we also provide services to individuals with disabilities, accident victims, new mothers or those people recovering from a recent illness or surgery. We also provide services to anyone needing a little help getting around the house.

Question: Are your services available in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?
Answer: Yes, we provide our personal care or companionship services of home health care anywhere the client resides.

Question: Does Medicare cover the cost of services?
Answer: Medicare/Medicaid or your insurance may cover the medical skill services if you qualified. Medicare does not cover the Non-medical Services.However there are other options available. If the client has a long term care policy, the policy may cover the cost of services. Frontier Health Care Services would be more than happy to assist you in verifying your insurance benefits. Other payment options include but not limited to: Private/family pay, worker's compensation insurance and auto insurance.

Question: Are your caregivers bounded and insured?
Answer: Yes all of our caregivers are bounded and insured. We take full responsibility of our employee when they are in your home. Our caregivers go through a meticulous 6 step screening process. Included in the process are criminal background checks and a comprehension OSHA training.

Question: Will the same caregiver come every time?
Answer: We at Frontier Health Care Services recognize the importance of consistency in providing for our clients. Frontier Non-medical Assisted Services strives to ensure continuity of Care, and will send the same caregiver to our client's home.

Question: How much do the services cost?
Answer: Frontier Health Care Services offers different levels of care. The cost is determined based on the needs of the client. Call the Frontier Non-medical Assisted Services near you and have an intake coordinator assess your situation. At that time, Frontier Non-medical Assisted Services will be more than willing to give you a quote on the price of services.

Question: Do I have to sign a contract for a specific period of time?
Answer: Frontier Health Care Services asks that you will sign a service agreement, giving the permission to care for you or your loved one. There is nothing in the agreement that ties you down to a specific period of time – We are flexible to the needs of our clients and recognize the fact that services may decrease or increase as situations change. You may cancel services at anytime.

Question: What of my caregiver is sick and cannot make it to my house?
Answer: We have trained professionals assigned to each client's case. These individuals understand the needs and wants of our clients, as well as the skill level of our caregivers. Our trained professionals will find a replacement to ensure every client has coverage when needed.

Question: Why should I use Frontier Health Care services verses somebody from the newspaper?
Answer: Our caregivers are bounded and insured and have undergone detailed background checks. Our large staff of qualified caregivers provides the ability to send in a back-up caregiver if your primary caregiver is sick

Question: How will my caregiver be selected?
Answer: Our schedulers will make a caregiver selection based on the skills necessary for the case while also considering personality traits and availability. If you prefer, you can play an active role in the caregiver selection process.

If you or your loved one needs care, Click on our Online Request Form to complete and submit or call our office at: (614) 751-8884 or fax an online form to (614) 751-8804. One of our Registered Nurses will contact you about your need.