STNA Classes in Ohio | Travel Nursing in Ohio

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About FHC

Frontier Health Care Services is a full-service agency established and headquartered in Columbus, Ohio with a primary goal of responding to our client’s staffing solutions. Frontier is owned and operated by nursing professionals who came together in response to trends in the nursing profession today:

A continuing shortage in nurses
An increasing need for specializing nursing skills
Job satisfaction
Nurses’ expressed need for flexibility, learning and growth opportunities

We will spare no effort in recruiting, screening and assessing our nurses’ skills and qualifications. We recognize that nursing formation may be standard, but have developed a process to spot intangible qualities such as compassion, patience, and commitment to providing patient care. In addition, we will thoroughly check our candidates’ references, ask about their outside obligations that may interfere with performance and seek to assist them become the type of person we would like to represent us consistently and professionally.

Our confidential database consists of candidate classifications based on areas of expertise, years of experience, average length of stay in each previous position, and helpful comments by previous employers or associates that may help us make solid, informed decisions, Once hired, we will monitor new employees’ performance for six months, coaching to correct or enhance and encouraging them to share best practices with associates, so that together, we can all become a quality, high-performance team.

Whatsoever the healthcare environment or culture – institutional (hospitals and medical centers, nursing homes, schools, prisons, etc.), home care, private duty or physician’s offices, Frontier will respond to your need as quickly as possible; as well, we seek client feedback as a valuable tool to continuing staff performance improvement.

Our rates are competitive and attractive. As an incentive to staff retention, we review our compensation package annually and offer merit increases based on client feedback for exceptional quality service and administrative excellence with agency management, staff and associates.

We know the value of a satisfied client as the best marketing tool. We will never take your confidence for granted and hoped that you, too, will provide us with honest, professional feedback, so that together, we can become your health care staffing partners. We only ask for the opportunity be of service.

STNA Classes in Ohio | Travel Nursing in Ohio