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On behalf of the Frontier family, we would like to welcome you to Frontier Health Care Services' (FHCS) Website! Being located in Columbus, OH makes us easily accessible from most parts of Ohio.  

FHCS is committed to providing the best possible training for travel nursing in Ohio and healthcare services. We value our students, patients, staff and everyone that we come in contact with. Taking pride in the health care services that we provide assures our clients top-notch care! We are sure that you would agree.

FHCS believes that Home Care is a progressive, alternative to institutionalization; therefore, our company focuses on providing a full range of quality, cost effective health care services to patients within our service coverage area.  We also believe that Patients and Families should be treated with respect while providing care to promote wellness. Frontier provides medical and non-medical home care services.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with the highest quality of service possible. We do this by enabling the elderly to live independently.  It’s at home where their quality of life is enhanced without the stress of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits, and companionship is as important as health care when it enables seniors to remain independent and in their own homes.

Please explore the opportunities provided here and place a call to our helpful staff TODAY! You will find out how we can help you establish or enhance your nursing career! Don't forget to check out our STNA training program!


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